Choosing a Pattern

What to consider

So many pattern companies-old ones, new ones, downloadable ones, DIY ones.

Lets just talk about basics.

If the person on the pattern envelope looks like you, especially age wise, then that is a good start.

Look closely at the design. Does the garment have a lot of extra fabric/ fullness around the hips, how many seams are there ( seams equals pattern pieces), does the garment have a band around the hem, is the sleeve cuffed, how does it close: zipper,buttons, snaps. Every extra detail takes time

Do you want the details ? Do you want to spend the time for the details?  But interestingly details are one way to make a project, uh ,interesting.

For beginners then I suggest the answer is no.

If you wish to learn a particular skill then -yes.

Another Basic

Know your bust/chest measurement for jacket, blouse, shirt, top, sweatshirt, blazer, coat.

Know you hip measurement for shorts, pants, skort, skirt.

  • Size for a pattern is not the same as retail, period.

Even if you are searching for a craft project like a duffel bag. Look at the details. Sometimes an extra pocket comes in handy.

Lastly or more than just basic

Read the back of the envelope for fabric suggestions, if it is a knit like t-shirt fabric or a woven, does it require interfacing to give it body or support, how about lining for a pocket, buttons, snaps, zipper if so, what kind separating or skirt, or does it require grommets.