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Day Off From School Special

Kids, break up the day by sewing with friends. Or for a friend like Tundra. Special rate $25



Materials not included.

Bring a snack.

Beginner Sewing


Adult Beginner Class

A beginner must start somewhere; so why not start with something easy. Begin with the simplest of projects-a grocery bag.

One adult student said, "all I want to learn is how to sew in a straight line." That was a year and a half ago. She is still sewing and sewing more than a straight line; she is creating all kinds of projects.

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About Us


Mission Statement

 The Sewing Studio is a place to 

create an idea,  make a friend, 

challenge your capabilities,  be part of a community,   learn to operate a sewing machine, shake off the stresses of the day, and develop professional sewing techniques. 




Find inspiration from our students.

See how their skills have improved.


Create your own idea

You want to sew but you don't want to sew what your friend is sewing.

That's the idea at The Sewing Studio.

Four or five students sewing but each sewing a different type of project.


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The Sewing Studio At Tyler State Park

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